Building Lives One Tool At a Time.


"I first heard of T4T through a fellow student who is in National Guard. He told me there was an email sent to all the Vets about free tools. I knew that  I could use a few tools myself at the moment, so I went and read the email sent to me. I contacted Pete and told him my story. He told me that he will be holding a first ever tool distribution at Robinwood Center. I attended the event and got a few tools that I definitely needed. It was awesome! I really love the idea of T4T organization. I think it could really help all the Vets. Especially the ones who is just out of the service in their early 20s, and barely starting building their lives in civilian world." 

“I got probably 10 or 12 items.  Then my shipmate probably got 4 or 5 other items … it’s a pretty cool setup … all the stuff was cleaned, freshly oiled, ready to rock.  ~~“It’s really valuable for us,  II have a young year-and-a-half year old son … it’s really helpful what Pete offered us.”  ~~I’m showing my spouse stuff, so she can keep the place up while I’m gone,” (posted by AK)

A great initiative !! (posted by JR)

This country needs more patriots like you. God bless you all and may your journey take you to great heights. (posted by SO)