You can make a difference.


Your monetary or tool donations allows us to connect people and create partnerships in the Pacific Northwest and beyond.

Rest assured, all donations are utilized 100% to support operations to complete our mission. They’re no paid employees in Tools for Troops.

Tools for Troops (EIN #46-5084630) is a 501 3c charitable organization. Your monetary and tool donations are tax deductible.


Tell your friends, family, employer, and Veterans about our program.  Our organization is small, but our results are large. Helping one Veteran at a time is what we’re all about.

Tools for Troops has a wide network of individuals, organizations, and companies who contribute to our Veterans by paying forward products and tools that they no longer use.

Most of us are only 1-2 degrees separation from a Veteran. If this sounds like a way you’d like to make an impact then we’d like to help you become an active advocate for Tools for Troops.